Car Auction System

You can view all the upcoming vehicles of almost all the Japanese used cars auctions at our auction controll panel, and place bid offers for those cars. We participate on actual live auctions and place winning bid offers there on behalf of you, based on the bid offers you have placed in our auction control panel early on.

You are relieved off the headache of managing multiple bid offers placed though multiple auctions. You can manage all your auction bis offers conviniently at our auction control panel.

If someone else place a higher bid offer than your, you will be instantly notified by an email, so you have the chance to review your offer again.

Auction Rules

  1. A minimum deposit of US$1000 is required to grant auction access.
  2. For a deposit of US$2000, a maximum of 4 cars can be bought.
  3. If the auction purchased car cancelled within 24hrs, US$1000 is charged.
  4. If an auction purchased car cancelled after 24hrs, the loss incurred for the company has to be fully paid by the customer.
  5. If a vehicle is not shipped within 30days from the date of purchase, the price will increase by 3% every 30 days.
  6. If a vehicle is not shipped within 90days from the date of purchase, a penalty of US$1000 will be charged and the order will be cancelled.

To Get Access to Auction System...

1. Register at
You have to be a registered user of Sayuri International Co,. Ltd for participating in Japan live car auctions through our auction control panel. If you are not a registred user, you can easily register by clicking on register link. User registration is free of charge.

2. Make a deposit of 100,000 or US$1000
Registered users have to make a deposit of 100,000 or US$1000 in order to use live car auction control panel.The deposit amount will be deducted from vehicle price you purchase.

How to Make the Deposit Payment

You can make a deposit through PayPay using the paypal payment form provided in this website, or you can sent the payment to one of our bank accounts. Please send us an email or contact us over the phone after making the deposit. Then we will grant you access to our auction system.

» Pay with credit card through PayPal.
» Our Bank Detail.

* You can cancel a vehicle bought from an auction through us. However, if you cancel a vechicle once we have bought it from an auction for you, we have to bear auction charges and various other expenses. To cover-up those expenses we charge you 100,000 Japanese Yen.

Auction Car Price Calculator

You can use the following table to get an rough idea about the final FOB price of a car you buy from a auction through Sayuri International.

※ Prices mentioned in following table is in Japanese Yen.
Vehicle Price at Auction insert value
Auction Charges 15,000
Inland Transport Cost
depends on auction's location
15,000 (avg)
Freight Forwarding Fee (roro) 15,000
Sayuri Commission
Sayuri receives payment withing 72 hours 30,000
Sayuri receives payment withing 5 working days
Sayuri receives payment withing 30 days
Total FOB

Following charges may also apply..

LC Charges
Only if you send payments through LC.
Inspection Charges(JAAI, JEVIC, MAURAI)
only if you need to do pre inspection.
Packing Charges
Only if you need to ship in container.
Cleaning Charges
Only if you need to do cleaning before shipment. Repairs and any other things you can discuss with your sales staff.

※ Above cost calculation table is valid only for vehicles worth under one million(1,000,000) JPY. When the auction price is above 1,000,000JPY, we will charge an additional commission charge as below.

※ Auction Price 1,000,000 to 2,500,000 JPY, additional commission charge is 3% of the auction price.

※ Auction Price above 2,500,000 JPY, additional commission fee is 5% of the auction price.