When sending payments, who should pay bank charges?

Bank charges should be paid by the customer who sends a payment. Customer should mention at the bank that he is  going to pay the bank charges, not the Sayuri International. In case, a customer sends a payment through a bank in a way that Sayuri International has to pay the bank charges; actual amount we received after paying the bank charges will be the final amount which we will consider as received from the customer. Therefore, the customer will have to send a payment again to cover up any shortage amount.

What is C.I.F value

Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) is a common term in a sales contracts that may be encountered in international trading when ocean transport is used. It must always indicate the port of destination, ie "CIF Shanghai". When a price is quoted CIF, it means that the selling price includes the cost of the goods, the freight or transport costs and also the cost of marine insurance. CIF is an international commerce term.

How to Buy

Ordering a used Japanese car from Sayuri International is simple and straighforward. Over 17 years of our experience in exporting used Japanese cars, makes every aspect of the business smooth and fast. Our well experienced staff always guarantee the acuracy of documentation works so you don`t have to face dificulties in customs clearance etc. Please follow the following simple guidelines to order quality used Japan cars from Sayuri International Co, Ltd.

1. Search Used Cars Stock List

Search for the vehicle you wish to buy from our stock list. If you cannot find a vehicle that matches your requirement in our stock, please contact us through email, telephone or Skype. Then we can find a good car that matches your requirements from one of the Japan used car auctions. 

2. Reserve The Vehicle

If you have found a vehicle that matches your requirements in our vehicle stock you may reserve it for a maximum period of 72hours(3 days). You have to make a partial payment withing that 72hours. If you fail to make a payment within 72hours, your reservation will be cancelled. There are several options for reserving a vehicle at Sayuri International.

Reserve Over Telephone/Skype/Email or Fax
You can contact one of staff members through following means of contacts to reserve a vehicle.
TEL: +81 47-441-7205           
TEL: +81 47-441-7206          
FAX: +81 47-441-7207
Email: sales@sayuri.co.jp for sales, and parts@sayuri.co.jp for parts
Skype: sayuri-international
Reserve Online 
Register at sayuri.co.jp website if you have not yet registered.
Login to your sayuri.co.jp account.
Search your desired vehicle from the stock and click reserve button.

3. Make a Deposit & Confirm Reservation

You have to make a partial payment for your reservations within 72hours(3 days). In case, we don't receive a payment for a reserved car within that period, reservation will be cancelled immediately. Amount of initial payment that you have to pay depends on several facts. You can get to know the exact amount , contacting one of our sales representatives. Normally, that is 50% of the CIF value of the vehicle you reserved. We accept credit cards and paypal payments too. Please visit Payment Options for more detail.

4. We Arange Shipment As Soon As We Received a Deposit

After receiving a deposit for your reservation, we prepare the necessary documents and ship the vehicle to the port you mentioned. We send you a copy of B/L after the shipment. You can see the status of your order when you logged into your account at sayuri.co.jp.

5. Pay Balance & Receive Original Documents

After confirming the shipment, you have to make the balance payment. We will send you the original documents through courier service like DHL & UPS once we have received the balance payment. 

6. Drive Out Your Vehicle from Port

When you have received the original documents, you can make the customs clearance in your country and receive the car.


Does your company staff inspect the cars before shipment?

Each and every vehicle we buy any auctions in Japan, once transport to our work shop in Shiroi Indistrial City and inspect micanical and eletrical items separatly. Then pass to body and interior section. Then go to cleaning section before delivary to shipping port. Therefore no need to worry about condition of our vehicle at all...

Do you guarantee the vehicles you sell?

Yes, we guarantee that the vehicle has all the options and qualities we explained to the customer before purchasing.  By the way, if there is any issue even by mistake, we will provide all the facility to settle it using our local dealers in each country. 

All our vehicles are inspected in our work shop by professionals before transport to the shipping port.  End of the inspections, we stick  " Sayuri Guaranteed " sticker on the rear widescreen.

Also we provide spare-parts for all our vehicles for cost price. If someone has a vehicle sold by Sayuri International, he can contact us directly for parts or technical assitance.

Can I send payment by credit card?

Yes. You can send part payment or deposit true PayPal. 

Can I change the vehicle that I ordered to another one?

No. We strickly refuse it. Once you order a vehicle you cannot change it to other vehicle later date for any reason. 



Can I cancel a vehicle purchased from an auction

Yes you can cancel a vehicle bought from an auction through us. However, if you cancel a vechicle once we have bought it from an auction for you, we have to bear auction charges and various other expenses. To cover-up that expenses we charge 100,000 Japanese Yen from you.

Can I cancel a car which I have already bought but not yet shipped?

You can cancel vehicle within 72 hours from the time you reserve it.
But if you need to cancel such a car after 72 hours, it is not allow for any reason, At that time you should pay a panalty of 100,000JPY per unit.  And if you continue to cancel cars so frequently, we will be obliged to deactivate your login from our customer control panel.