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Important Notice: Please note that we do not have changed our banks accounts. If you receive any email or other notice to transfer your funds to a different account than you are used to, please don't do so. You can verify our bank details here.

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New Stock of Brand-new tyres available

New Stock of Brand-new tyres available

We have received a stock of brandnew Kingstar tyres for cars and vans. Please contact us to fix new tyres to cars you have already purchased from us or purchase tyres seperately. 
New Company Lawyer Appointed for Mauritius

New Company Lawyer Appointed for Mauritius

Mr. Vedakur.S.Rampoortab, a well known lawyer in Mauritius has been appointed to look after company's legal afairs in Mauritius in addition to our current legal advisor Mr.O.B.Rampoor.   
Sayuri Staff Trip 2015 - Okinawa

Sayuri Staff Trip 2015 - Okinawa

This year's staff trip was to Okinawa island which is famous for its beautiful beaches and seafoods. Around fourty people from families of Sayuri International took part in this yea's trip. We stayed 2 nights in the Rizzan Sea-Side …

"Karunakarala" Ayurveda Spa & Salon is Open Now

"Karunakarala" the ayurveda salon and spa is now open in Daikanyama, Tokyo. Opening reception was held on 26th June with participation of hundreds of invited guests. It is open for public from today 29th June. 

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