Sayuri cars is all about Goodness over Cheapness

We know, for anything and everything there are options in the market with different price tags. For some goods, we are fine with the cheaper ones. Because we don't expect them to last a long. But it is not the case when you import a car from a foreign country without even seing it for real. You need to be sure about the supplier that he would send a car that really worth for the money you pay. Sayuri International is that trustworthy supplier who always try to give you a little more.

  • We guarantee the vehicles are accident free and with original odometer reading.
  • All the vehicles are purchased from auctions, and all are of auction grade 3.5 or above.
  • Every vehicle is crosss checked by professional vehicle inspectors and pass the road worthiness inspection according to Japanese standards.
  • Cleaning and maintenance before shipment.
  • After sales spare-parts supply.